• Interior Design

    From conception through design and execution, EDS provides you with unparalleled vision, guidance and — most importantly — inspiration. EDS will help you transform your space into a reflection of your personality and a function of your life.


    Our professional experience considers all options within your space to help revamp the configuration to fit your exact needs.

    Space Planning

    Feeling lost with where to place your furniture? After assessing all of your needs, we ensure a creative and efficient use of existing space complete with a floor plan and furniture layout.

    AutoCAD, 3D Rendering, Material boards

    Communication is key and we use these essential tools to create an overall vision which can tangibly be understood. These tools are also used when collaborating with industry partners to ensure clear understanding.

    "Christopher did all the interior design work for a house we built at Lake Tahoe. The entire design was well coordinated... people are in awe when they come into our home. I highly recommend him."- Ann Schweichler
    Schweichler Residence

  • New Construction


    It takes the right team to complete an inspiring project. The industry partners we collaborate with will help realize your vision into reality.

    "I have done 2 major remodels with Christopher. Aside from adoring him, he has been the best design professional I have ever worked with... Can't say enough good things!"- Francesca Peck
    33 Rancheria Road
    Sausalito, CA - progress page

  • Project Management

    During your project we meticulously make sure all the pieces are put into place. From overseeing construction to delivery and installations; we help our clients realize their ideal spaces.

    "Christopher and his team interfaced on a daily basis with our contractor in Mendocino and kept the process moving while working from such a distance."-Gayle Arrowood
    Arrowood / Weaver Residence

  • Furnishings Specifications

    Let us take care of all the details. From window treatments, color selection, furnishings to accessories. We make certain all the elements come together.

    Furnishing Specs

    "He puts his clients ideas first offering you a look and lifestyle that you will be proud to live in and show off."-Joske Thompson

  • Custom Furniture

    Need that special piece which makes a statement? Or just can’t find the right shape for a tight spot? Let us show you how custom design can tie your space together.

    New furniture line coming soon.

    "I used EDS initially to help me with the interior design of my new home... and am now using them to help with a remodel of an investment property. From big remodel jobs to holiday decor, I highly recommend Christopher."-Victor Levashoff
    Cole Valley